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Duffy Paternity Defense: 'I Was Born A Woman'

(SNN) - Mike Duffy claims that it is “preposterous” that he could have a Peruvian love-child because he was actually born female and underwent ...

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UPDATE: World's 'biggest sinkhole' baffles scientists - not caused by UFO

(SNN) - What has been wrongly reported worldwide as a sinkhole, a cavernous hole which appeared in the Yamil Peninsula in Siberia has been ...

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Courts To Settle Judicial Disputes WWE Raw Style

(SNN) - The worsening problem of over crowded courtrooms has prompted officials at WWE Raw to propose a novel solution. WWE Raw will perform ...

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Fat Old Guy Halfway Home in Frontal Attack on Beer Gut

Part One of my two-part Fat Old Guy Diet, which I nicknamed the “Not Gonna Be the Fattest Guy at my Son’s Wedding Diet” has ended in success. ...

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WHO Research: All Food Will Kill You

(SNN) - In a stunning report commissioned by the World Health Organization, it appears all foods, even those with antioxidants, minerals and ...

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