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What Amusement Parks Would You Like to Visit?

(SNN) - Inspired by computer games, a new kind of amusement park, where visitors get to play the games in real life situations, is springing ...

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The Cork Report: Kenny G Cuts With Titles I Forgot

(SNN) - " If all the elevators in all the world played nothing but Kenny G music...I wouldn't be the least bit surprised." - John Corcoran ...

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Kim Jong-un & Obama In Dance Vid For Charity

(SNN) - Ready to have your mind blown? Kim Jong-un, Korea’s cruel and ruthless dictator and President Barack Obama, leader of the once free ...

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Duffy Paternity Defense: 'I Was Born A Woman'

(SNN) - Mike Duffy claims that it is “preposterous” that he could have a Peruvian love-child because he was actually born female and underwent ...

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UPDATE: World's 'biggest sinkhole' baffles scientists - not caused by UFO

(SNN) - What has been wrongly reported worldwide as a sinkhole, a cavernous hole which appeared in the Yamil Peninsula in Siberia has been ...

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