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Racially Miffed, or just Anti-Canadian?

Dear Editor,

I am sick and tired of racists slamming Canada continually. It seems it is suddenly popular to make sport of our great nation. Just the other day, I heard an American tell yet another anti-Canadian “joke”. While I am sure the intent was amusement, it still hurts. Here’s the so-called joke. How do you get 100 Canadians out of a swimming pool? You say, “Can you please get out of the swimming pool?” He then ridiculed the proud city of Winnipeg. “When I first heard my agent got me a booking in Winnipeg, I’m like, “Winnipeg”? It sounds like a game show for pirates.”
I say we should all angrily intend to write letters of protest to any media sources that carry Canadian racial slurs, but then move onto something else, forgetting all about it, as is the Canadian Way.

-Miffed with the media, Mushaboom, NS

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