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It's Spring Fever, not Neurosis, I'm Sure of It.

(SNN) - I am a winter wimp, a big whiny baby actually, when it comes to the ‘cold white blanket’ season. Being 100% Canadian I feel like a bit of a misfit or weirdo because I don’t dive into the powdery stuff with joyful abandon like most of my Canadian cohorts. I am not digging out the skis, skates, or ice-fishing shack, no. I am nestled inside with hot chocolate looking out at the spectacular sight of softly falling snow glistening in the moonlight. I have a tremendous appreciation for the beauty of winter. I love the snow; I just wish it wasn’t so…cold.

Near winter’s end that white blanket starts to feel pretty heavy, and though I still won’t go outside unnecessarily, being holed up that long starts to get on my nerves, makes me a little wild-eyed, crazed even. 

Being a yearly cycle, I have come to recognize these symptoms and decided to do a little net research. I am now convinced that at this stage I have what they call ‘full-blown’ Cabin Fever. I do a lot of pacing, looking out the window, checking the sky, consulting groundhogs and Farmer’s Almanacs. My eyes get red and glazed from the constant searching for the sun. I’m restless and moody and semi-hermit by now. My energy is dragging. Just when I think Cabin Fever is gonna do me in…I wake up one morning to the first warm bright rays of spring sunshine, the wonderful sound of melting snow, and the birds are singing my favorite song! Ahh! Spring is here!

And Shazaam! I am catapulted out of despair into a frenzied, fired-up field of energy that winds me like a spring. I leap out of bed, do a little dance, look in the mirror. Yup, eyes are clear, even sparkly, and I feel alive…I AM ALIVE!! 

That’s when I know I’ve survived Cabin Fever and shot straight forth into Spring Fever without so much as a breath. Boundless energy now, I want to scale walls and leap tall buildings. I wanna run to the mountains and climb one, speedboat up the river, build a rock garden, hoist a pirate flag. There is travel and planting and tanning to be done. Something about the onset of summer creates a solar-powered virtual dancing machine in me, and I CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC! Arrribbaa!!

I am going to have to cut this short as I am still reeling from these first glorious spring days we’ve been having. It’s hard for me to even sit here…I am trying to get this all down but I can’t stop thinking about my landscape blueprints, the totem pole I’m carving, and there is a fabulous tune on the radio just now… 

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