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Federal Government Launches Taxpayer Loyalty Program

(SNN) - In a speech to the Canadian Taxpayer Federation on Friday, April 4th, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the launch of a new points-based loyalty program for Canadian taxpayers.

“Our government recognizes that paying taxes is a stressful thing, which is why we are committed to taking steps to make it more palatable to Canadians,” said the prime minister. “This innovative new program provides our citizens with a compelling new way to pay taxes, with the added benefit of boosting the economy and the federal government’s coffers.”

The program, called It’s Your Buck, will reward citizens with points that they can redeem for better government services. Participating members will earn 0.01 point for every $100 spent on income tax, with extra points available for special taxes, such as eco fees.

When a member accumulates 10,000 points, they will become eligible to redeem them for special services such as a Conservative Party robo-call or a free airport pat-down. Elite members achieving 1,000,000 points will be able to get a free MRI scan at a local hospital within 12 months.

To accumulate points, members will be required to swipe their loyalty program card at one of thirteen biometric readers located across the country (one per province). The card will need to be swiped after every pay. Points may be redeemed as quickly as three months from being earned, but will expire if they are not used within one year.

Canadians may join the new loyalty program by registering online at Program enrollment is free however applicants will be required to go to a Canada Revenue Agency office for fingerprinting and an iris scan. A birth certificate, SIN card, recent paystub and police background check are also required. Upon approval, the membership card will be sent to them by mail. 

Photo by: Suzanne Luca, Some Rights Reserved

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