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Blind, Stupid, Irresponsible Faith

(SNN) - Brad Pitt is a moron and Angelina Jolie is an idiot. There, I said it. Some of you were thinking it.

Before I am accused of being another chauvinist ass mourning the loss of a beautiful pair of breasts, let me explain. Mr. Pitt called his wife’s decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy, “heroic”.

Really? I call it cowardly, poor modeling behavior for her daughters (let’s not even talk about her female fans, to whom she targeted her New York Times piece in the hope “…that other women can benefit from my experience”), and frankly, an extreme lack of faith.

I should revise that last one. This is not a lack of faith, it is misplaced faith. Once again we have a frightened sheep, in awe of and placing her total trust in the medical industry, an industry with a poor track record of safety, integrity and very little to gain by curing diseases like cancer. My opinion of course; you’ll have to do your own research on that.

If I took the Pitt/Jolie approach, I should probably start practicing my wheelchair skills and arrange an appointment to have my spinal cord severed. You see, according to a study by The Canadian Collaborative Study Group (Sadovnick AD, Ebers GC, Dyment DA, et al) due to heredity, I have a better than average shot—20 to 40 times the risk—at Multiple Sclerosis taking me out prematurely.

I should just head this off sooner than later and endure a resigned and less anxious future. No more wondering if my left foot is dragging because I just ran a half-marathon or if MS is sneaking up on me.

If you want to accuse me of something, let it be my own blind faith, for I believe God is in charge of my health and I will trust him to the end. I believe God is in charge of Angelina’s health. I believe God is in charge and if he wants to flash The End on your story, Angelina, there’s not much you and your doctors, advisors, or husband can do about it.

Except have a talk with Him.

DISCLAIMER: The above article is OPINION.The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the authors of The Sage Opinion and forum participants on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the The Sage News Network or the official policies of the The Sage News.
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