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Couples-only-Vibrator hits market with a Buzz.

PicoBong Mahana pulls out.

(SNN) - This week the U.S International Trade Commission upheld the patent for a “couples only vibrator” (We-Vibe) owned by a Canadian company. 

The decision, which bans the import, sale and marketing of all infringing products in the United States comes as a relief to the makers of We-Vibe, Standard Innovation Corp.  We-Vibe, a vibrator worn by couples during sex, was introduced in 2008.  In 2011, Lelo Inc. introduced the Tiani and the PicoBong Mahana.

The PicoBong Mahana was especially threatening to We-Vibe, according to Bruce Murison, We-Vibe’s creator.  When asked why that is, Mr. Murison responded, “It’s the images PicoBong Mahana conjures up.”  We understand.

Bruce Murison has spent more than 10 years of his life developing the We-Vibe. When asked what the largest challenge was throughout the process, Murison explained, “As you can imagine, there were many ups and downs, many ins and outs. One of the biggest challenges however, was determining how many position settings to have.  For the product to be successful, it needed to do more than simply turn it ON/OFF.”  He continued, “Years of research went into this one specific issue.  With several partners working under my leadership, it has not always been easy to please everyone.  But after many years of tweaking here and there, I finally arrived at a point that satisfied, well, at least the majority of my associates.”

Mr. Murison realizes that the Commission’s decision is only half the battle as there are other issues that still need to be resolved, but for now he claims, “I’m gratified today and ready to plunge into the next challenge.”  

Photo by: ross_hawkes flickr photostreem, The Sage nor this article not endorsed.

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