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It seems Canadians have completely embraced online shopping.

(SNN) - An estimated $8 billion worth of physical goods are ordered online in Canada each year and that number is expected to reach $15 billion by 2016.

The good news is, better Canadian options have opened up and sites like and Ebates Canada now make it easier to realize actual online shopping deals on this side of the border.

As well, better e-commerce retail platforms like Magento have been developed, making it easier and more cost-effective for businesses to set up their own online stores.

“When our clients need to set up an online store, Industrial NetMedia prefers Magento to any other e-commerce platform we’ve tried,” said INM accounts manager Brian Hahn. “It’s so user-friendly and really intuitive. Plus, it just has so many features and is adaptable to all sorts of add-ons and apps.”

Magento already boasts more than 150,000 merchants worldwide and is growing quickly. “Customers choose Magento because our cost-effective solutions – built on open source technology – enable businesses of all sizes to control and customize the look and feel, content and functionality of their online stores,” according to Ryan Thompson, Director of Partnerships for Magento.

It was recently announced that Magento would partner with Canada Post to “create a superior, more convenient online shopping experience,” according to a Canada Post news release.

“If you think about it,” Hahn said, “an alliance between an e-commerce platform and a delivery service is about as natural a partnership as you’re going to find anywhere. And Magento is one of the best e-commerce platforms out there right now.”

“For centuries, Canada Post has been an enabler of trade and commerce in this country. And we will continue to play an even stronger role in this burgeoning digital economy,” said Rene Desmarais, Senior Vice President, Parcels at Canada Post. “Teaming up with leading e-commerce providers can only help to promote our country’s digital economy in the long term.”

With integration between Magento and Canada Post, online businesses can set precise delivery dates and offer delivery to the buyer’s home or the closest post office. Shipping labels can be printed from within the online store. Tracking and returns are also handled within the e-commerce site, simplifying the entire process.

In short, everyone wins! Consumers enjoy their online shopping experience, which means they will likely buy from that particular online store again; and will probably be more likely to try other Magento-based e-commerce sites, as well.

“E-commerce is booming in Canada,” said Thompson. “Our relationship with Canada Post can better enhance the Canadian consumer’s online shopping experience with Magento functionality and convenient, flexible and efficient delivery options from Canada Post.”

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