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Top 10 Benefits of the US Government Shutdown

10) Post Office unaffected. Junk mail deliveries will continue.
9) NSA will not be listening to our phone calls.
8) Fewer TSA workers will clog airports with pesky security procedures
7) Wall Street job creators are now free from excessive regulation.
6) Since nobody listens anyway, National Public Radio can play “Science Friday” reruns 24/7.  
5) Federal workers can watch porn from home instead of the office. 
4) To make payroll, US Patrol agents will sell their confiscated pot in Colorado. 
3) Fewer federal safety inspectors will get hurt at hazardous job sites. 
2) Nuclear waste disposal process is vastly simplified. 
1) Wal-Mart is hiring 70,000 people who will immediately qualify for welfare and food stamps.

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