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Higgs Wins Nobel Prize for Finding Particle He Lost

(SNN) - Protest erupted in Sweden after Dr. Peter Higgs was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for finding the boson that bears his name.

Mrs. Edna Frood of Stockholm  was one of many demonstrators demanding justice. “Why is there a prize for finding something you lost?” she asked. “Next they’ll give a prize to Little Bo Peep for finding her sheep.”

Dr. Higgs is famous for predicting the existence of the sub-atomic particle after misplacing it in 1964. He is less known for having predicted the arrival of 1965. “I am so happy to have found my boson,” Higgs said in a statement. “I next look forward to finding my missing sock.”

Higgs had no explanation as to how his lost boson managed to get inside the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. Swiss authorities were swift to demand that Higgs donate his prize money to repair collision damage wrought by his high speed particle.

In attempting to justify the award, the Nobel committee explained that Higgs’ boson was so small that no one ever expected him to find it. A spokesman pointed out that US President Barack Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize for peace that he still hasn’t found, so at least Higgs has accomplished something useful.

The boson is also known as the “God particle” because it looks like Morgan Freeman. It will be on display in the Vatican during Holy Week.

Photo by: Marth Sadie flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed.


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