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(SNN) - There seems to be a misunderstanding in our society about what being brave, staying strong and having faith in God actually means.

As an example, if my son was brutally beaten to death, I would indeed “be brave” – eventually – and attend the trial of the monster who did it. And I would certainly “stay strong” and stay my hand when the monster was led into the courtroom. And I would hold tight to my faith that God would judge the monster in due time and deliver a just punishment for his actions, and, more importantly, that God would someday heal my broken heart and bring peace back into my life. Someday.

I sure as hell would not show up to work two days after my son died and encourage my co-workers to follow my example and “give it their all.”

But then again, there also seems to be a misunderstanding, at least in the sports media and football’s legions of fans, about the difference between a father and a sperm donor. A father mourns the death of his child. A sperm donor plays football.

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