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A new organized anti karaoke - The Thrawgs

(SNN) - A group of highly organized individuals are menacing local karaoke shows. They are calling themselves "The Thrawgs"; which they say means nothing at all, but is making a huge impact with the karaoke crowds here in Edmonton. "These people all of a sudden show up and just ruin our karaoke routine," says Celeste, which is her karaoke name. "They come in and make noise and laugh and disrupt our performances as a karaoke star," a very upset Celeste said during an interview at a local pub. "And then they want to sing.....and it is just horrible. I bring my regular group here every Wednesday night and we are very polite and well behaved and we don't drink or swear or anything like these people do. They think it is fun to sound like an idiot in front of everyone and sing all those horrible fast nonsense songs. I always start my evening karaoke show with 'I will Always Love You' and then my next song is 'The Wind Beneath My Wings.  My friends say I do those songs better than that person who did them originally .....whatever here name was."

Celeste was right; as the night went on more and more of "The Thawgs" showed up menacing the karaoke host with questions like, "When is my song up" and "I have to sing right away cause I am leaving." All in all, I saw 15 of these menaces getting up and singing horribly much to the dismay of many of the regular karaoke people who visit the establishment weekly.

After a couple of hours of "The Thrawgs" and their version of karaoke, I soon finished my fourth beer and put up a song to sing....... heck it was even fun!

Photo: Some rights reserved by locket479 flickr photosteam, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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