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The Restaurant that serves . . .Poo

CAUTION: What you are about to read may cause nausea, loss of appetite, and downright gastronomic revulsion.

(SNN) - In case you haven’t heard, there is now a dining facility in California with a bathroom theme. Named The Magic Restroom, patrons sit on toilets and eat out of toilet bowls and urinals. The cafe decor includes walls of bathroom tiles, shower heads and other bathroom fixtures.

The trend comes from Taiwan, where they apparently really dig eating out of bowls made for human waste, according to the popularity of the cafes there. But will America embrace the idea of eating brown coloured, suspiciously diarrhea-looking curry dishes from the bowels of a good ol' crapper?

If you aren't totally grossed out yet, check this out: the scatological-based eatery comes replete with menu items named after poop, I kid you not. One can start with a pork and rice dish called Smells-Like-Poop or perhaps a dish of Constipation, with a side of Golden Poop rice (must be baby poop). For dessert, the restaurant has taken the innocent chocolate sundae and renamed it Black Poop. And these are the more gentle menu item names, it gets worse, but you get the idea.

The concept of the excrement-ally if not politically correct restaurant begs questions such as:

  1. Are seats up for men, down for women?
  2. Can you simply flush your meal away when finished?
  3. If you want bread, do you dare ask for a loaf?
  4. And most of all, what kind of thinking, pray tell, actually conjures up the idea of eating from a toilet bowl?

It must be the one place in the world where customer feedback stating the food tasted like s**t, would be a joyful compliment to the chef.

So should you ever find yourself in southern California and you walk into an eatery that looks like a giant communal lavatory, you'll know urine the right place.

Photo: Some rights reserved by Mega Hammond flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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