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Politicians Causing Unemployment Among Comedians

Photo: How Can an Honest Comedian Compete?

(SNN) - In the latest development arising from the outrageous actions of municipal, provincial and federal politicians, it appears that more and more standup comedians are not finding employment. Based on interviews with out-of-work standup comics, Tim Brown of Employment Insurance Canada has determined that the actions of politicians have caused a drop in demand for that vocation. Mr. Brown was told that comedy clubs do not want to hire professional funny people when comedy is provided for free by politicians.

Mr. Brown said: “In the old days, skilled comedians used to sit around backstage and think up jokes to lighten people's drab lives. Politicians, at all levels, were serious people who did not try and make their constituents laugh. Taxpayers didn't want their tax dollars being handled by funny politicians. The funnier the politician, the more credibility he/she lost.”

The comedians were slightly worried after Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau made his Fuddle Duddle remark. Everyone thought that this was the beginning of a new trend. However, Trudeau quickly demonstrated that he was not into fluffy humor – just dark humor like the National Energy Program.

Mr. Brown stated that the Comedy Board of Canada has been overwhelmed by requests for employment advice from out-of-work funny people. “The Comedy Board,” said Mr. Brown, “suggests that its members should think about the following employment alternatives:

  1. Contact any politician and offer his/her services as either a strategist or speech writer, or
  2. Apply with a automotive dealer as a used car salesman, or
  3. Begin training to become a bodily injury lawyer.”

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