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Mike Duffy and Rob Ford Found New Political Party

Bozos of the World; UNITE!

(SNN) - In a surprise move today, Mike Duffy and Rob Ford announced that they are forming a new political party to run federally.

Mr. Duffy, the party's interim leader and spokesman, stated: “It is the intention of Mr. Ford and me to form a new party so that the true voice of Canadian politics can be heard. Our party is built on the twin pillars of accountability and fiscal restraint. It is unfortunate that the police and auditors are affecting our work, and making it impossible for us to fulfill the wishes of our electorate.”

Reporters then asked each man when the leadership convention would be held and how many candidates Mr. Duffy and Mr. Ford hoped would run in the next federal election. Mr. Ford, after appearing to tickle Mr. Duffy's ear, stated that the leadership convention would be held in Mr. Duffy's home riding of Ottawa within the next few months. Mr. Duffy seemed to blink rapidly after this remark, but then composed himself. Mr. Ford went on to say that all of the candidates running for the party would be ordinary, blue collar working people like him. Each candidate would have to be proficient using a cell phone, and should meet with their constituents in parks and back alleys.

When asked by reporters if the party had a name, Mr. Duffy and Mr. Ford stated that the party would be called the BOZ Organization Party. When asked what “BOZ” meant, Mr. Duffy stated that “B” stands for “Big” people. Both men then ran their hands all the way down their ties.

Mr. Duffy then went on to say that “O” stands for “Ordinary” people, and that “Z” stands for “Zombies”. Mr. Ford jumped in to explain that the zombie part of the name will appeal to young voters.

“We know that young voters will want to vote for our candidates posing as zombies”, stated Mr. Ford.

When a reporter pointed out that the party name could be shortened to the Bozo Party, both Mr. Duffy and Mr. Ford shrugged and left the stage with their bodyguards.

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