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Most Fraudulent Book Titles of 2013


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  • The top 130 exercise books, on how to get into incredible physical shape, were written by people who have been thin all their lives. The 78 “before” photos, showing them when they were fat, were all Photoshopped
  • Why Being Vegan Is Dangerous to Your Health, as it turns out, was written by a young man, who lied about his eating lifestyle, so he could move in with his hot vegan girlfriend.
  • Sexercises for Women was really written by eleven guys in a Chicago bar.
  • An Orgasm a Day Keeps the Doctor Away, was written by a group of women, who told their husbands and boyfriends that they were going to a Yoga class on Tuesdays.
  • These 142 Sex Toys Women Say Are Consistently Rated Higher than their Husbands was the result of a collaboration of over 120,000 women on a social network, who wanted something that their husbands could “accidentally find” and motivate them to take their job in the bedroom more seriously.
  • How to Give Your Man Multiple Climaxes was written by a man whose wife forced him to read How to Give Your Woman Multiple Orgasms.
  • Overcoming Your Fear of Cleaning the Toilet Will Show You Can Do Anything in Life was started as a woman, fed up with her husband’s “phobia,” when it came to sharing household chores. Her Kickstart campaign, to raise the $12.47 she needed to get Associated Content to write it, raised $367,622.97. She sold 260,000 copies.
  • The Joy of Elevator and Desktop Sex was written by all the men in a Fortune 500 company’s home office, which resulted in a 22% loss in their stock value, for the second quarter.

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