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Canada Goose Bullies American Eagle: Poops in Sears CEO's Yard

(SNN) - Residents of Buffalo, NY are in shock after a Canada goose attacked a bald eagle in broad daylight near the Peace bridge.

The attack occurred around 11:00 am Sunday morning and involved a lone goose wearing a distinctive red parka. Witnesses say that the goose attacked the American eagle without provocation, flapping its wings and snapping at the eagle in an aggressive way. The bird then flew back towards Toronto, where it proceeded to drop a log on the front lawn of Sears CEO, Douglas Campbell.

American Eagle president, Robert L. Hanson, expressed his outrage over the incident, condemning the bird and all Canadians for its non-neighbourly behaviour.

"I'm stunned that Canadians would consider sending one of their fat fowls over the border to attack America's most iconic symbol," he fumed. "This display of aggressiveness is unacceptable. I always thought Canadians were polite and friendly, but they didn't even apologize!"

Sears' top executive also condemned the incident, calling it another attempt by clothing manufacturer Canada Goose to intimidate other manufacturers and retailers.

" Canada Goose is trying to claim the exclusive right to sell clothes depicting any type of bird, and is resorting to verbal, physical and disgusting attacks against American Eagle, Sears and others to coerce them into ceasing the sale of their clothing," Campbell stated. "Let it be known that we will not be bullied in such a way; we have no qualms about deploying a gaggle of geese to CG headquarters to retaliate."

For its part, American Eagle has indicated it intends to sue Canada Goose, and the goose involved in the attack, for mental anguish and lost feathers. 

Photo: Some rights reserved by bobosh_t flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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