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The World's Best Franchise Opportunities

Photo: Watch your investments grow!

(SNN) - Tired of working for someone else? It’s easier to stick it to the man when you are the boss! Here is a list of modern gold mines, many of which can be yours for a small initial investments of under $25,000.

Panda Panini:   Foodies and gourmet eaters will line up and pay good money to nibble on rare and endangered species.

Yelp Wanted:  Get paid by the word to post glowing 4-star reviews for your clients and angry 1-star rants against their competition.

Sport Phishing Charters: Help anonymous clients deploy the latest in botnets, password scams, and identity theft techniques.

Government Cheese: Help deserving people get their fair share from the government and you get a cut of the proceeds.

Urban Alpaca:  Raise llamas on your apartment balcony and turn their fur into fat profits.

Guild Wars Laundromat:  A virtual gathering place for gamers to clean their turbans and tunics after epic campaigns. The next big online commerce opportunity.

Class Action Warfare:  Launch big lawsuits against deep-pocketed corporations who were probably out to screw you. Get them before they get you.

Nigerian Bank Clearing House: profit from small commissions on large international transactions. Now accepting Bitcoin!

Rent-a-Friend:  Why give it away free at the bus stop when you can earn $100/hour listening to people complain about being lonely?

Home Circumcision Network: After our 1-day training course you’ll be able to get a lucrative cut of this expanding market. Good pay and great tips!

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