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Hugh Hefner Declared The Most Influential Philosopher Of The 20th Century

(SNN) - “There is no doubt that the Playboy Philosophy has radically changed the thinking of more minds than any other philosopher since Nietzsche,” a panel of scholars said.

RNC Says Pandering to Potheads Is Yet Another DNC Desperate Attempt to Win the Next Election

(SNN) - “They’re already catering to Latinos with immigration reform, anti-war nuts with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, people going bankrupt with cancer treatment with Obamacare, the unemployed with extending unemployment insurance, and on and on,” says a spokesman. “How low will they stoop?”

Pat Robertson Demands Equal Time After Pope Francis’ Speeches

(SNN) - “Someone’s got to tell the multitudes what’s really in the Bible,” Robertson insists.

Republican Anti-Obamacare TV Ads Fined for Violating Truth-in-Advertising Act

(SNN) - “They say the plans are too expensive, doesn’t cover preexisting conditions, has death panels, and so on, all of which isn’t true,” says the complaint. “It’s free speech,” a spokesman rebutted. “And when liberals don’t agree, all they’re doing is showing the world they’re hypocrites.”

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