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Osphena, the Drug That Stops Painful Sexual Intercourse After Menopause Gets Massive Negative Response on Twitter

(SNN) - “We thanked God when our husbands could no longer get it up,” said a typical post, “then those a**holes from the drug companies came up with Viagra. And now they’ve taken away our last resort.”

Limbaugh Outraged about Obama’s “Between the Ferns” Interview  

(SNN) - “It’s nothing but a blatant attempt to increase his popularity after his PR disaster for not invading Ukraine,” he said, unable to contain his outrage. “Since WWII, we’ve been building tens of thousands of tanks, that we’ve never used, for this very occasion.”

“Data Mining and Analytics Now Better Than Actually Holding Elections – and It’s Cheaper”

(SNN) - Said Khanissha Aishwaryashri PhD, at a recent TED talk. “We are now able to accurately represent the values of the people, regardless of whether they vote or not.” Politicians are outraged by the very suggestion. Millions of citizens on Twitter, who are so unhappy about the behavior of politicians in Washington, would be willing to give it a try for a decade or two. 

RNC Outraged that DNC Is Telling Candidates to Run on Republican Issues 

(SNN) - “Not only are their candidates getting the Democratic vote,” a spokesperson told SNN,  “since Tea Party opponents want to impeach Obama,  say the body has a natural defense against getting pregnant due to rape, have gun giveaways at their rallies, want to make low-income grade school kids do janitor's work to pay for their free lunches, and say that people who believe in evolution are devil worshipers, they’re getting the moderate Republican vote as well, which is despicable.” 

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