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SNN Writer Furious with Sarah Palin

(SNN) -“I came up with the Malaysian jet going straight to heaven first,” Ed Toolis said in the only part of a malicious Tweet that’s fit to print. “How dare you rob me of that joke by actually saying it on Fox News.”

House Outraged by Canada Restricting the Importation of Porn to 65%

(SNN) - “If they don’t buy our porn, we won’t buy their oil,” Boehner said at a press conference. “And thank the Lord our politicians can’t be bought off by the likes of our porn lobby.”

CIA Responds to Feinstein’s Accusations of Spying on the Senate’s Oversight Committee?

(SNN) - In her second press conference in a week, Senator Feinstein claimed the CIA said in a letter, “If we tell you about how much info we withhold from the Committee and the extent of our spying on members, we’d have to kill you.” But she was unable to show the letter to the press. It has mysteriously disappeared.

“Foolish atheists will pay CASH for your worldly possessions”

(SNN) - Read the headline on billboards all over San Antonio, Texas after Pastor Hagee said the crisis in the Ukraine was a sign that all Christians have been waiting for: That the end times are finally at hand. The American Atheist Association says they’ve gotten no takers so far, but are optimistic.

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