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Another Snippet from Fox News - on Guns

In case you missed it.

(SNN) - “. . . I’ll have you know, madam,” Aldridge Cameron, from the NRA shouted back, “that this is a right-to-carry and Stand Your Ground state, so I have every right to bare arms where ever I want, especially on a show on this network.”

“Latesha Jefferson, wearing a Kevlar vest, cracked up. “Next you’ll be saying that the way to decrease fights in bars is to allow drunks to pack heat.”

Mr. Cameron turned to the audience and lectured. “Look, liberals like her hate this network. Just look into her eyes. God knows what she is capable of at any given moment. And I have to be able to shoot her before she reaches into her purse, pulls out a ballpoint pen, and stabs me in the eye.”

Ms. Jefferson turned to the viewers, pointed to him with her thumb and cried, “The only dangerous person on this panel is the one with the gun.”

“Gun violence is not caused by normal, everyday NRA members,” Cameron lectured her, shaking a finger. “It’s caused by crazy people. Just another public health issue the Obama administration has exasperated, since it’s been in office.”

“Well, guess what? You’ve just turned me pro-gun. There’s no way I’m coming back on this show without having an assault rifle at my side with a thirty-round clip.”

He laughed in her face. “Thankfully, there’s no way in hell that a person, who actually believes that our extreme weather events are caused by climate change, will ever be able to prove she’s mentally competent enough to purchase a weapon or get a carry permit in this state.” He turned back to the viewers. “Every sane person knows extreme weather events are really caused by God’s wrath over gay marriage...”

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