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Anti-Feminists Schlafly Tells Congress to Keep Gender Pay Gap Wide

(SNN) - “Men, looking for wives, are turned off by women who make more money than they do,“ she said on a Christian TV show. “And in addition to that, women should get big boobs, and above all, should never get a college education or get older than twenty-three.”

Republican Ad for Ideal 2016 Presidential Candidate Found on Craigslist 

(SNN) - White woman with Afro-American and Hispanic parents, who is a pro-life, anti-union, anti-Obamacare doctor, who wants to cut the government in half and to double the Defense budget. Wanting to invade Iran and the Crimea a plus. 

New Way Found to Fund Incumbents Upcoming Campaigns

(SNN) - “We used to spend most of our time on the Hill asking for money,” one, who didn't want to be named, said. “Then someone floated a bill to make PACs comply with current truth-in-advertising  laws, and $5 billion poured into to the coffers of those who pleaded to vote against it.”

In Financial News  

(SNN) - The DevilsList, stocks in companies that do massive environmental damage, repeatedly break public safety laws, stash billions in cash overseas, and on and on, still continues to do better than the AngelsList.

Ed Toolis, author of  “There’s an App for That”

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