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RNC Hires Psychiatric Consultant to Help Win 2016 Election

(SNN) - Not to cure the Tea Party of their many self-defeating character flaws, like their adamant support of the lunatic rantings of Cliven Bundy, “We are going to figure out what’s wrong with that part of the public, who still votes Democratic, and doesn’t see the rancher as a superhero for liberty and the American way,” said a fund-raising letter. The plan is to come up with ads for the 2016 election that will cure that segment of the population of their condition.

Glenn Beck’s Jesus Pancake Starts Twitter Meme Outburst

(SNN) - As of this printing, 387 pancakes, also with portraits that look nothing like Jesus, have been uploaded to Twitter. And then there’s the 71 of Miley Cyrus, 89 of Lady Gaga, 29 of Michael Jackson and 22 of Snoopy from Peanuts, just to name a few of the hundreds. And that’s not to mention a dozen death threats posters have gotten for uploading pancakes supposedly depicting Mohammed.

RNC Takes Action after Chelsea Truthers Exposes Hillary’s Pregnancy-Gate

(SNN) - “Two can play that game,” a representative said, referring to the supposed timing of a blessed event as a PR stunt to help Hillary get the nomination. “Our nominee will have a dozen grandchildren in the oven, timed for the last few weeks before the election.”

Ed Toolis, author of “There’s an App for That” 

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