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Tea Party Outraged that Dow Jones Hits Yet Another New High

(SNN) - “We all bought ‘shorts,” betting the American economy would tank, and made every effort in Congress to make sure that it did,” one of them, who wishes to remain nameless, said. “And whatever Obama is doing, to prevent that from happening, has to be unconstitutional.”

New Health Care Wedge Issue Emerges

(SNN) - “Now that Obamacare is working better than expected, we want Washington to bring down the outrageous cost of pet insurance,” said a representative for the 63% of voters who own pets. “Do you have any idea what a hip replacement costs nowadays?”

Army Traumatized by Women's Accusation of Rape

(SNN) - “It’s an unwanted sexual assault,” the general in charge of the investigations stated at a press conference, clearly suffering from PTSD. “It could scar us for life.”

18% Think Republicans Have Better Health Care Program than Obamacare

(SNN) - Even though Republicans have yet to offer one.

Limbaugh Must Be High on Something Again

(SNN) - “The liberal media made the kidnapped Nigerian girls story go viral, so they could avoid talking about Benghazi,” he said recently on his show.

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