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Weather Bureau to Name Hurricane for Climate-Change Deniers

(SNN) - In the press statement, the chief forecaster added, “And I can’t wait to say, ‘The damage from Tom Cruz in Texas is so severe, it will probably take a decade to recover, if that.”

Grade School Football Players Demand the Same Deal that College Players Can Now Get

(SNN) - After the website of a 13-year-old went viral, grade-school football players all over the country demand a piece of the concession stand’s revenues. “And there’s no way we’re going to celebrate any of our victories at McDonalds,” Kevin, the website’s admin, told the press in a YouTube press conference, “unless they give me an endorsement deal.”

Legos Publicity Stunt Goes Viral

(SNN) - “Our building blocks have been used in everything, from works of art to an animated feature movie,” their publicist said, “so naturally, we thought it would be cool to build an actual house from brick-sized blocks. But little did we know that not only would thousands submit do-it-yourself house designs, but that people would actually manufacture the blocks out of recycled materials and build whole neighborhoods.”

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