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Courts To Settle Judicial Disputes WWE Raw Style

Photo: Judge Thomas (right) about to make a point

(SNN) - The worsening problem of over crowded courtrooms has prompted officials at WWE Raw to propose a novel solution. WWE Raw will perform a weekly public service by featuring a match between judge and prosecutor. WWW Raw spokesperson, Jack the Hammer, remarked, “When we saw the recent confrontation on Court TV, we thought why not. What better way to relieve a little courtroom tension. Let the judge and prosecutor take it to the mat and move things along in the courtroom.”

The first match up was a resounding success according to WWE Raw ratings. An extra 50,000 viewers tuned in for Judge Angel versus Mr. R. Hood, the prosecutor. Judge Angel chose to wear a shortened version of his black robe and took the name Avenging Angel. The prosecutor, Mr. R. Hood, chose a forest green outfit with matching tights and the name The Green Prosecutor.

The Avenging Angel and the Green Prosecutor sized each other up for a few minutes. The Avenging Angel started the match off by grabbing the Green Prosecutor by the neck and yelling, “not in my courtroom!”. The Green Prosecutor stomped on the Avenging Angel’s foot causing him to lose his grip and yelled, “I have a right to be here!” The match continued until Avenging Angel hit the Green Prosecutor over the head with a chair while the Green Prosecutor strutted for the crowd.

The Green Prosecutor is asking for a rematch, claiming he was blindsided. He will have to wait till next season as the weekly roster for this season is now full of other judges and prosecutors wanting to take a swing at each other.

Unaltered PhotoSome Rights Reserved by Eva Rinaldi  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here

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