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10 Waistband-Wearing, Conceal-Carry Gun Owners Shoot Off Penises So Far This Year

(SNN) - “I will make do without my johnson,” the latest victim told reporters at the hospital, “but I can’t live without my Second Amendment rights.”

Whole Republican Party Suffering from Iraqi Alzheimer’s, a CDC Report Says

(SNN) - “It’s very disturbing to the point of being downright scary,” said an official. “They can remember that Bush started it, remember that he declared ‘mission accomplished,’ but that’s about it. They can’t remember a single thing about their involvement in the war. They even blame Obama for starting a 1000-year-old sectarian war between the Sunnis and Shites.”

Participants in Andy Kaufman Vigil Still Hopeful

(SNN) - “Because of the dramatic increase in sightings, from all over the world,” said the founder of The Andy Kaufman Watch website in a phone interview, laughing it off, “we knew that the 20 year anniversary of his supposed death, on May 16th, would be the date Andy would appear and show that his demise was the greatest gag ever conceived by man, but you know how he is. He’s such a joker.”

Are Immigrants Really Stealing Our Jobs?

(SNN) - That’s what a pro-immigration activist asked the picket-sign carrying demonstrators at a huge rally in Washington. “But not a single one of the 388 protestors I talked to knew the first thing about writing computer code or had a medical or engineering degree.”

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