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Supreme Court Says Online Threats of Violence Should Be Taken Seriously By Police

(SNN) - And as a result, over two hundred thousand posters to political blogs are arrested for threatening to shoot, strangle, stab and castrate other posters.

Hillary Clinton Memoir Frontrunner

(SNN) - “No one has ever become a serious contender for the presidency,” a noted political scientist told the SNN, “if they don’t have at least millions in books sales and get invited on the TV talk show circuit.”

A First for Webster’s Third New International Dictionary

(SNN) - The F-word is officially classified as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition and interjection - the first word to ever be classified as such.

Oklahoma Undergoes 200 Earthquakes in the Last Month

(SNN) - Critics blame fracking, but the industry says, “it will take at least thirty to forty years before our scientists will have a definitive answer on that matter.”

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