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Revealed: Why Putin’s So Bad at the Political Game Over the Ukraine

(SNN) - “If he’d played our game, he’d know he’s supposed to use his strengths, take advantage of Obama’s and Europe’s weaknesses, and would have kicked their asses in the political games over the Ukraine,” said the chief designer for WWX (World War X), who has now been hired as Putin’s chief advisor.

Rick Perry WAS Going to Send 1000 National Guard Troops to the Border, Until . . .

(SNN) - Obama said, “Great, if that doesn’t make the border 100% secure, I’ll use the exact same words he’s used to criticize me, against him.”

Book: Avoiding TWPD, the Tiger Wood’s Personality Disorder

(SNN) - Blurb: “How to avoid the tragic loss in self-confidence, which will cause you to fall from the #1 spot in your profession, when you can no longer bang every hot babe you meet.”

USA Today’s Emoji Crossword Puzzle Bombs.

(SNN) - “We just don’t get it,” a representative said. “When some guy translated Moby Dick into emoji, we just thought it would be the next big thing.”

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