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Helicopter Moms Upgrade to Drone Moms

(SNN) - “Now, I never have to worry about my son when he’s out playing,” said a typical mom, showing off her drone. “If he’s playing baseball with older kids, I can give him encouraging words. If he does something adorable, the software automatically uploads a pic to Instagram. If he heads to the playground equipment in the park, I can disinfect it before he climbs on it. And if bullies try to give him a hard time, I can get him in trouble with his mom by shooting him with the paintball gun.”

New Study on Illegals Uncovered Surprising Fact

(SNN) - 1 out of 110 foreigners, out of the 11 million, living in the US without proper documents is a US citizen who has denounced their citizenship, so they can pay lower taxes elsewhere. And the Democrats in Congress want those Republicans arrested and deported.

Nazis Unhappy that Supreme Court Has Struck Down Buffer Zones

(SNN) - “How are we supposed to exercise our Free Speech rights,” a group leader told a reporter, as dozens of laughing onlookers took pics and uploaded them to Facebook, “when we can’t get the police to keep the counter-demonstrators from joining us, dressed in the costumes of Nazi drag-queens and sadomasochistic dominatrixes?”

Pope’s Twitter Page Overwhelmed by Trolls

(SNN) - After he said in a speech that childless couples are selfishly pursuing their own happiness, pouring their love into their “two cats and a little dog,” pet owners worldwide took the Lord’s name in vain on his Twitter feed.

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