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New Way to Protest against Texas’ Open-Carry Gun Law Found

(SNN) - Groucho Marxist have flooded the states’ social media with thousands of photos and videos of the New Black panthers, who will defend Blacks against police brutality, the Pro-Choice Militia, who will point their automatic weapons at anti-abortion protestors, and the Environmental Survivalists, who will defend the environment against all those who intend to kill it, with their lives - just to name a few of the sixty or more groups who have popped up so far.

Nation Loses Interest in Sarah Palin

(SNN) - “She was such a great, real-life reality TV character,” said a typical fan on why she was going to unlike Sarah’s Facebook fan page. “We loved her and her lunatic antics and we made her rich, but her character is all played out now.”

Advice from Rick Perry’s Mugshot Consultant

(SNN) - “Wear a suit, use a make-up artist . . . and smile,” said the former Hollywood headshot photographer, on a YouTube video promoting his services. “And whatever you do, never, ever admit the truth by saying ‘I’m not a crook,’ like Nixon did.”

Plants Talk To Each Other?

(SNN) - And you thought talking to them was weird, but it’s true. “They communicate with chemicals, exchange genetic info and signal stress,” said the lead scientist on the program. “And they are not above telling invasive species ‘Conditions are so bad over here, I probably won’t last the week,’ just to get them to take root elsewhere.”

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