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Alicia Keys Posing Nude for Charity Sends Charity Industry into Chaos

(SNN) - “She got an enormous response, with 92% of contributors being men,” said the horrified spokesperson for the Association of Charitable Organizations, at their annual convention. “And now not a single man in charge of corporate giving says they’ll part with a dime, until they see a striptease by yet another hot female celeb.”

Fox News Fashion Consultant Has Advice for Obama

(SNN) - After they criticized him, saying that a tan suit was inappropriate for talking about such serious subjects as foreign policy and the threat of ISIS, a consultant was brought in to show him what color suit and tie to wear.

Full Figure Appreciation Month Declared by Congress

(SNN) - Tight off-year elections result in strange campaign tactics. For instance, when Congress found out that 64% of all female voters were full-figured, regardless of ethnicity, Republicans came up with the bill, and not a single Democrat had the courage to vote against it. And to get the most mileage out if it, it’s getting crazier. A dozen Republicans are leading the anti-Vogue/Glamour parade, in New York City’s fashion district. And Democrats are not only presenting the awards at the Full Figure Entertainer of the Year celebration, they’ve allocated over $400 million in subsidies to make sure America’s full-figure clothing industry remains the dominant leader in the world.

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