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The Magical Mystery Tube

(SNN) - While on a photo expedition last weekend, I took a picture of a large and unusual object I came across while hiking a nature trail. This was at the summit of a considerable peak. The object was tall, cylindrical and dark green, and I have no idea what it is.

Back at the hotel I questioned two of the staff. Both admitted to having hiked up to the object and to knowing others who are also curious about it, but neither could offer an explanation as to what it was. So, after much thought, I’m calling it a “magical mystery tube”.

Examine the photo and note the magical mystery tube’s well-defined cap. Even without enlargement techniques, you may be able to see it quite clearly. Also noteworthy, by comparing it to the surrounding trees, is its circumference and length.

Unfortunately my space is limited, as this is a topic that lends itself to endless discussion. For example, there is uncertainty as to the amount of power these regal objects hold. For this reason, reactions on making this type of discovery may be mixed. There are the more spiritual in nature who, upon discovering a magical mystery tube, may feel certain that there is a direct link between this awesome object and God. This may be a phallacy.

I’ve purposely refrained from mentioning where the photo was taken. Documenting the whereabouts of magical mystery tubes is important; however, their location must be kept a strict secret. Anyone with this knowledge is urged to contact the “Keeper of Knowledge of the Magical Mystery Tube”, c/o this writer.

Photo: (c) 2014 Linda Schaab, All Rights Reserved - Used with Permission

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