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North Korean News Network Attacks SNN for Kim Jong-Un Article

(SNN) - “On Monday,” an anchorwoman at the NKNN said, “the Sage News Network ran a blatantly untrue article about Kim Jung-Un being sentenced to hard labor because of his unpaid parking tickets. But unlike what we air, everything that the SNN prints is a lie. . . . As everyone knows, North Korea is the envy of the world, when it comes to the availability of free street parking - although we do have a horrendous problem with bicycle parking.”

She then went on to deny that North Korean hackers were responsible for breaking into the SNN website, making its content available to anyone in the world, for free, like has been alleged to have happened at Sony. This despite the fact that she did freely admit that they were responsible for making "The Sexual Inadequacy of My Husband in the Bedroom", the kiss-and-tell memoir of the wife of the article writer, available to everyone in the world at no cost.

In an official statement, the SNN has said, “We don’t care how many times the North Korean government threatens the Canadian people with a nuclear attack, we will not hand over the writer of the article for extradition to North Korea to face trial. And we would never, ever make up such a story, for the sole purpose of getting tons of free worldwide publicity, so we can dramatically increase our readership.”

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