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Bibles Used for Xbox Scam

Photo: A repeat victim?

(SNN) - It was a heart rending Christmas story from the season just passed. Harry Kerry, of Kalamazoo, MI., opened his Christmas present to find a pair of bibles tucked inside the box made to hold a much larger present.  His wife, Charlene, was horrified.   It turns out the box was supposed to hold a new Xbox. 

According to retailers, this is not an unusual occurrence during the post-Christmas shopping season..

“Thieves are very industrious this time of year,” claimed American Federation of Retailers spokesman, Luka de Sales, in a prepared statement.   “They do not want customers to be suspicious if the box is too light and open it before it's gift wrapped.   Customers should open the box to check the contents, to be safe.” 

Mr. de Sales went on to say if you don’t want to open the package because it came gift wrapped, these are the signs it may contain bibles. 

  1. A delegation from the Westboro Baptist Church was following the UPS truck when the package was delivered.
  2. A farmer and his wife showed up at your door on Sunday morning asking to attend the “Good Word meetin’”. 
  3. A priest stopped by on his way to an exorcism and asked to borrow the gift for a short time.
  4. A church choir shows up on Sunday morning and sings hymns on your front porch. 
  5. The guy that delivered the parcel was speaking in tongues.

Unaltered Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Randal Cooper flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here


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