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Admit It. If You Saw These Headlines on the Cover of a Supermarket Tabloid, You'd Buy It

(SNN) - All real headlines at Crooks & Liars in the last two weeks.

  • Ex-Rep Joe Walsh Calls For ISIS-Style Beheadings
  • 18 Years After 7 Women Reported Rapes, An Oregon Pastor Is Finally Facing Trial
  • Glenn Beck Says Mike Huckabee 'Is A Liar To Your Face'
  • FBI: Boehner's Bartender Indicted For Plotting To Poison His Wine
  • Huckajesus (Mike Huckabee) Chides Obamas For Letting Their Kids Listen To Beyonce
  • Fox News Host Claims Obama Will Alter The First Amendment To Align With Sharia Law
  • Tucker Carlson: I Have 'A Lot' Of Muslim Friends, But It's Time To Ban Them In The U.S.
  • George Zimmerman Arrested For Aggravated Assault With A Weapon
  • Maryland GOP Pol Threatens Reporter For Using His Name Without Permission
  • Responsible Gun Owner Shops With Loaded Gun In Purse, 2-Year-Old Finds It And Kills Her
  • Ghost Of Christmas Past: Megyn Kelly Assures Children Santa Is White

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