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Old Coot & The Geezer Academy Awards - Part One [VIDEO]

(SNN) - With the Academy Awards just around the corner, our dynamic duo required a bit of help to prognasticate what is usually predictable. As if our Dynamic Duo weren't confusing enough, they have added a guest for their "First Annual Academy Awards Prediction Show, Pt. 1."The Old Coot and The Geezer are joined by veteran character actor and author The Old Salt.

The three of them natter on as usual, but also predict who they believe will win this year. Well, one category anyway, because The Old Salt spent a lot of the show promoting his book. So that means a Part 2 (despite popular demand) with the rest of the predictions.

Sit back and enjoy The Old Coot and the Geezer, and watch them pick apart Hollywood and some popcorn.

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