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Vaccine Against Stupidity Discovered

Photo: Definite shot in the arm for government services

(SNN) The lead researcher at the world famous Vax-R-Us Institute announced today the newest breakthrough in vaccines to help sufferers in our society. Dr. Andy Botty says they have found a vaccine to prevent stupidity.

“It’s a great day indeed. We’ve spent years looking for the right combination. Due to the many types of stupidity present in today's world, finding the right ingredients to protect against all types wasn’t easy.”

Dr. Botty announced his team’s research at the Stupidity 2015 Symposium in Gnome, Alaska last February, where he delivered the keynote address.. During his presentation, the doctor also revealed that he expects the vaccine will not be fully utilized by everyone due to the ridiculous anti-vaccine sentiment.

The stupidity vaccine is not expected to go into wide release until next year. It will take that long to produce just the minimum amount to make a dent in all the stupidity present in the world. Politicians worldwide will be the first to receive the vaccine. Considering the huge reservoir of stupidity, curing this disease-ridden section of the population is considered a priority.

Dr. Botty went on to say he does not expect to eradicate stupidity quickly.

“It will take many years and hard work by healthcare workers the world over. But we will overcome. Any other outcome is just stupid.”

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