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The Sage Reviews the Hottest Online Games

Photo: Oh The Games People Play Now

Pay Day Loans: See if you can keep from going bankrupt, borrowing money from today’s loan sharks. * * * 

Unarmed Black Guy: You’re minding your own business and you’re confronted by a couple of white cops. What will you do to not get shot? Will the things you try work? Based on actual national statistics* * * 

I Don’t Need No Obamacare: See if you are one of the lucky ones. But be warned. The game is based on national statistics, and if you get cancer, have a heart attack, or whatever, the odds of surviving the game are not that good. * * * *

Right to Carry: You’re always exercising your right to bare arms, and when you least suspect it, you have run ins with undesirables and possibly even a nut shooting up the mall or your place of work with automatic weapons. Will you really come out of it alive? * * * 

Living on Walmart’s Minimum Wage: You are the primary breadwinner and you have a typical family with 2.3 kids. See if you can make it? (Not sold at Walmart) * * 

Iraq War Revisited: Could you have done better than Bush and Cheney? (This game is to easy to win and should only be played by kids under twelve.) * * * 

Illegals: They got it made, right? Let’s see if that’s true. * * * 

Economic Policies: You’re an atypical middle class family. Let’s see how you’ll make out under the economic policies of the various candidates running for president. * * * *

Praise the Lord and Pass the Money: Pat Robertson promised a woman, that if she got a home equity loan, she would be able donate to support his TV show and the money would be returned to her a hundredfold. Can’t wait to donate right? Well, why don’t you play the game first. (Based on data mining) * * * *

Quick Rich Schemes: There are all kinds of them out there, and this week, the game’s about making millions flipping houses. Virtually buy and sell actual homes on the market and over time, you’ll see what they actually sold for and how much of a profit you would have made after expenses, like repair, paying taxes and interest on loans. * * * *

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