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Hubbies, Hillary and Police Brutality; News Bits You Missed

Photo: Is this man's future?


First, It Was Christian Fundamentalists, Now All Husbands No Longer Believe in Science

(SNN) An article I wrote recently sparked hundreds of angry phone calls. Calls that my boss, who is married, told the receptionist to let through no matter what I said.

“How dare you write that some study states that husbands, who help with housework, have much lower rates of divorce,” one husband, who wished to remain anonymous, screamed at me. “Do you have any idea about what consequences a thing like that is having on the lives of hundreds of millions of men like me, nationwide?”

Another ranted (on my home phone, which no one’s supposed to give out, by the way), “This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when you give women academic scholarships. And you just know that it’s going to get worse, since more women graduate from college than men.”

And the day after I refused to retract the story, I got dozens of press releases from PR companies, who used to work for Big Tobacco, and now work for the anti-climate change lobby demanding that I publish the research by their scientists. (I also got a 25% off coupon for the Husband Appreciation Day at my local Hooters restaurant.)

Justice Department Comes Up with Easy Way to Identify Abusive Police Departments

(SNN) A reliable source told this reporter that the DOJ is about to “suggest” that all communities enact laws mandating that any police officer, who handcuffs a perp after he’s been shot dead, get 20 years in prison. That, and any politician who proposes and votes for a law that makes it illegal for citizens to videotape the police in the processes of making an arrest, also get 20 years. “And we’ll investigate any community that violently objects to those proposals.”

Hillary Clinton’s Birthday Has Been Declared a National Day of Prayer by Right-Wingers

(SNN) Oct 26. Mark your calendars. Expect Intragram to be flooded with pics, which is the latest form of protest to replace placard-waving demonstrators.

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