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(SNN)  This a true story. Only the name has been changed to protect the innocent.

I was at the kitchen sink last night when I looked into an empty cereal bowl and saw, to my surprise, my houseguest for the last two weeks. This period has coincided with my at-home-alone-be-lazy recovery period from a medical incident. 

I hadn't intended on getting a pet for that short period, but one invited himself in the door and had been in my home since. Now, things looked dire. My old buddy, Farmington (yes I named him), wasn't moving. I realized it was time to return him to his environment. 

I took one of our cutting boards and covered the bowl and carried it out the front door. I knew this was goodbye forever. There was no time for ceremony--besides Farmington was not the type for fancy sendoffs. He would have wanted it this way. A toss into the bushes would have to be his funeral and memorial.

Once outside, I removed the cover and saw my buddy in the same position, staring up with lifeless eyes,* convincing me that my houseguest had moved on to another plane.

I flipped my friend toward the bushes and to my shock and amazement, Farmington unfolded his wings and took off into the late Summer sky. As he rose in the air, so too did my spirits, knowing we'd never forget the time shared together.

Thus ended the two week visit of my pet fly Farmington. Until he arrived, I'd never been fond of houseflies as pets. I'd heard all the stories about how standoffish they can be, and bothersome when you least need it. Visitors would never understand. Get a used dog, or a Howler Monkey or a Moose, I was advised.

But my opinion was changed in these last weeks and Farmington made a great pet. Very well behaved. Stayed in the kitchen most of the time, Didn't bother me when I ate, didn't cause trouble. He'd rise up to say 'Hi' when I was in the kitchen, but never demanded a game of fetch, dodgeball or Three Card Monty.

The message here, I guess, is never prejudge a potential friend based on reputation or rumors. Also, always keep the potato salad covered. Also, I really need to get out more.


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