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Cork and the Geez Get the Summertime Blues

(SNN) It's Summer Doldrum Time and the Old Coot and The Geezer are flummoxed and partially agog.  Cranky, too, because we caught them before ...

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Two Ben Steins and a Battle of the Bullies

(SNN) Ben Stein has been in the news lately, recently saying Hollywood is a “Bunch of bullies and thugs trying to shut down anyone who doesn’t ...

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From Brothers, Who Are You? to O Brother Where Art Thou?

(SNN) Among the movies due out next year is “Suburbicon,” directed by George Clooney and staring Matt Damon. The screenwriting team is pretty ...

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Top 15 Reasons Why Sully Soared

(SNN) “Sully,” the based-on-a-true-story recounting of the Miracle on the Hudson forced water landing of U.S. Airways Flight 1549, opened September ...

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First You Laugh & Then You Think

(SNN) If you don’t agree that levitating a frog and ways to keep your shower curtain from attacking you deserve an award, then read no further. ...

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