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Bad Girl

Just in time for Halloween . . .

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Dear Morticia

I am a novice writer attempting my first novel. Can you give me any advice?

Signed, Steven Kingsley

Dear Steve;

To be honest, I’m not much of a fiction writer. I have lots of great plots, but sadly, my characters are lifeless.

Dear Morticia;

Are you personally acquainted with any spirits?

Signed, Tele Pathic

Dear Tel;

Natch. I’ve gotten to know Jack Daniels quite well over the years. I’m also acquainted with Johnny Walker (…deadly for long spells, frankly my dear).

Dear Morticia;

Whatever shall I do? My eighty year old father has just been arrested for exposing himself – do you think they can make it stick?

Signed, Aghast in Agincourt

Dear Ag;

Couldn’t say for sure. I once knew a ghost who was caught flashing, but they couldn’t pin anything on him.

Dear Morticia;

I’m a firm believer in the Occult and participate regularly in séances. Are you a medium?

Signed, Spirtually Inclined

Dear Inc;

Nope, I’m a large. Especially where it counts, hon.

Dear Morticia;

Do you actually get all this ridiculous mail, or do you make it up yourself?

Signed Skeptic

Dear Skep;

Of course I don’t make it up! I have a ghostwriter.

Melodie Campbell writes funny books, like THE GODDAUGHTER’S REVENGE. You can find them at Chapters and online at Amazon and most other retailers.

Photo:  Some rights reserved by Pedro J. Ferreira flickr photostream, The Sage nor this articl endorsed.

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