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Money Laundering and Other Services

(SNN) - I am starting to gather stuff for doing my taxes, and it made me think about how great things were in the good ole days.

Remember how simple life used to be? Someone would mail you a little carbon slip to let you know how much money you made. All you had to do – as a law-abiding citizen – was run your finger along a line in the tax guide, and you’d know how much tax you had to pay. You’d write a cheque for that amount, then go drink yourself blind or shoot yourself in the head, whichever was most expedient. Things were simple back then.

Now, figuring out your taxes is a profession in itself. Actually, it’s several professions; taxes now have their own accountants and their own lawyers, lucky little things. Soon they may have their own psychiatrists.

Which brings me to banking (another insane institution.) I remember when you’d take your paycheck and give it to the bank for a little while. Then you’d go back a few weeks later to take out cash for certain life essentials like beer. All the money would still be there plus some extra cash which you’d made on your money, called interest. Things have changed radically since then. Interest is passé. Sort of like digital watches.

Now when you put your money in the bank (which of course you don’t…you put it in a cute little automatic teller machine where it mixes with everyone else’s packets of money in terribly amoral ways) – but back to the point. The point is, that when you go back to draw it out again, you find there’s less than what you deposited. Most of your money is there, but so is something else called a Service Charge.

I must admit I’m baffled by this need for a service charge. I mean, exactly what services did these people feel it necessary to perform for my money? Did they take it on field trips? Give it a shampoo and set? Have it drycleaned, and botoxed to iron out the wrinkles?

Frankly, I’m getting fed up. If they’re going to take my money out on the town and show it a good time, the least they can do is teach it how to reproduce.

Melodie Campbell writes the comic mob caper series, The Goddaughter. You can buy her paperbacks and ebooks at Chapters, Amazon, and Barnes&Noble.

Photo: Some rights reserved by Images_of_Money flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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