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Current Satire Health Stories

  • Is There a Doctor in the House?

  • Sea Shanties: The Bane of My Medical Modeling Career

  • PETA hacks into "The Cooking Channel" Servers

  • I Forget What This Story Is About, and So Do I

  • You Can't Get Ebola from a Gopher

  • St. Luke's Hospital Sends Second Ransom Note

  • To Sleep; Perchance to, um...

  • Torture: Good for What Ails You?

  • Cork's List: The Poop on the Pills I Pop

  • Yes, No, or None of the Above?

  • Dental As Anything; Cork's Post-Op Tips

  • Fat Old Guy Halfway Home in Frontal Attack on Beer Gut

  • Grim Reaper Faces Legal Challenge

  • Did Miley Cyrus Tweak Her Twerker?

  • Top 10 Reasons Why We May Already Be Dead

  • New WHO Report: Friedchickenitis on the Rise

  • New Marijuana Apps Make Way for MaryJane

  • Killing Time with Erector Head and Deliverance

  • Entire World Will be Dead by Christmas

  • BIGGER the Figure, the More There is... Trans Fat??

  • Buggy Obamacare Website Cost More than Iraq War

  • Unexpected Discovery at Welsh Hospital

  • Diet Champ Probed Over Missing Limbs

  • Berlusconi Gives New Hope to Hair Loss Victims

  • Humor Break! Diet, Exercise and Other Fables

  • The Cow Diet Craze That is Sweeping the Nation

  • Dear Exercise Nuts

  • Man Sues Cosmetics Company After Contracting Freckles

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