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Current Satire Business Stories

  • Pioneer Who Took Flying from Pleasant to Unbearable Dies

  • Oscar Winner J.K. Simmons Makes New Demands Of Farmers Insurance Ad Agency

  • Frito-Lay Chips Away Pot Stigma

  • Fox Shock: Is News Channel History?

  • Brian Williams Scandal Smears The Sage News Network

  • Homegrown Evidence Weighs Heavy For Brian Williams

  • Bibles Used for Xbox Scam

  • Pizza Spokesrat Shot; Police Suspect All Parents

  • FAA Approves New Airline; 'Brawl Airways'

  • London Life Dumps "Freedom 55"; Launches "Servitude 75"

  • Technology in the News

  • Fallon Kicks Sand in Letterman's Pie Hole, Will The Big Man Retaliate?

  • The World's Best Franchise Opportunities

  • Canada Goose Bullies American Eagle: Poops in Sears CEO's Yard

  • U.S. Black Friday Riots Now Legal

  • Chicago Changes Name to Boston

  • Latest iPhone has Coffee, Wardrobe Features, But No Phone

  • Disney Buys the Holy Land

  • Kick your Assets

  • Downsize Your Children

  • Expert Says Future is Late

  • Miraculous Downtown Detroit Crash Landing

  • Airbus Changes Name to Airplane

  • Chrysler Introduces Self-Texting Car

  • Bank Moving to Face Recognition Technology

  • Company Falls Apart After Employee Takes Day Off

  • National Retail Giant Receives Excellence in Mediocrity Award

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