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Current Satire Justice Stories

  • North Korean News Network Attacks SNN for Kim Jong-Un Article

  • Russian Lawmakers Propose New Anti-Gay Legislation

  • Canadians Advised to Act Accordingly

  • BREAKING NEWS ITEMS: What we are working on.

  • Courts To Settle Judicial Disputes WWE Raw Style

  • NY Cops Bust 'Most Positive Band Ever'

  • Another Snippet from Fox News - Guns Everywhere Law

  • New NSA Surveillance Program Forces Three-Way Calling

  • Stoners Hijack Plane to Colorado

  • New 2014 Laws Affect Salami, Moose, Sister-wives, Crack

  • Self-Service Police Program Unveiled at Conference

  • NSA Accused of Spying on Itself

  • Dear Mr. Rizzuto ...

  • Obedience Canada profiles Men

  • NSA goes down on Italian Couple.

  • Hell's Angels Support Obama's Campaign on Gun Control

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