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  • Russian Lawmakers Propose New Anti-Gay Legislation
    Nationalism on the Rise in Russia

    By: Artur Filik
    (SNN) - Nationalism is on the rise in Russia as it has never been before and with it, strong anti-gay sentiments always follow. Just a few weeks ago, a giant statue of an iPhone had been taken down in St. Petersburg. Many people may be surprised that a giant iPhone statue even existed in Russia, but probably no one was surprised when it had been taken down because of Tim Cook’s announcement that he is gay. This encouraged Russian lawmakers...

  • Leaked documents suggest ISIS was created by the CIA
    By Artur Filik
    (SNN) - Another shocking scandal came to light a few days ago after leaked documents showed that ISIS is actually a secret project started by the CIA. The allegations rocked the agency to the core, forcing CIA Director John O. Brennan to appear before Congress to testify on the matter. What he revealed during the hearings was astounding. After being grilled on the issue for hours, Brennan finally broke down and admitted that the CIA, with...

  • Joe Clancy may be taking new security measures too far
    By: Artur Filik
    (SNN) - It did not come as a huge surprise when Julia Pierson, the former director of the Secret Service, resigned on Wednesday following repeated breaches of White House security. The congressional hearing on the matter was as good as any Comedy Central roast, with Pierson digging herself into a massive hole. The scandal did prove to be a rare occasion when both Democrats and Republicans showed bipartisanship on the subject, calling for...

  • Mysterious disease sweeps through Russian military
    By: Artur Filik
    (SNN) - A mysterious epidemic is sweeping through the Russian military. As reported by the Russian state media, over the course of the last few days, dozens of soldiers have died all over the country without any apparent reason or explanation. The military refused to comment on the situation, but did state that the mysterious deaths have nothing to do with the fact that the Ukraine government accused the Russian military of crossing its...

  • Russia Imposes Sanctions On Its Own People
    By: Artur Filik
    (SNN) - Recently, Russia‘s food-safety agency has been very busy, banning food imports at a stagerring rate. Just in the past few weeks, Russia has banned Ukrainian dairy products, Polish fruits and vegetables, and threatened to ban US poultry. Russian officials maintained that these bans have nothing to do with the tightening of economic sanctions against their country and they are just looking out for their citizens. Lawmakers were...

  • UN Security Council gathers for emergency meeting on North Korea
    By: Artur Filik
    (SNN) - Yesterday, the UN Security Council gathered for an emergency meeting to discuss a pressing issue regarding North Korea. Apparently, it has been more than a month since North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made any angry public statements, launched a missile into the sea, or threatened nuclear annihilation on the world. A statement released by the Security Council says that the US, France, UK, China, and Russia are deeply worried about...

  • Brazil's crucial mistake in preparation to the 2014 World Cup
    By: Artur Filik
    (SNN) - With less than a week left until the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, violent protests are flaring up again across the country, reminiscent of the Confederations Cup protests last year when a million people took to the streets. The initial protests took place because of a rise in transport fares, which were lowered again when people started burning busses instead of riding them. However, the initial outrage did lead to people noticing...

  • Sith Face Discrimination in Ukraine
    Lord Darth Vader Denied Opportunity to Vote.

    By: Artur Filik
    (SNN) - Tensions in Ukraine have been high for a while now, but on May 25 presidential elections were finally held, with Petro Poroshenko winning the presidency with 54% of the vote. Unfortunately, a scandal broke out before the elections were held, when Sith Lord Darth Vader was denied an opportunity to vote when he arrived at one of the polling stations. With wide unrest still gripping Eastern Ukraine, the army is struggling in their efforts...

  • Why massive climate change should happen tomorrow
    By: Artur Filik
    (SNN) - That’s right, I want climate change to happen on a massive scale and as soon as possible, like tomorrow! What’s that? I am completely crazy? Countless shorelines will be flooded? Cities wiped off the map? Millions upon millions of people will lose their homes and livelihoods? Well, I can’t argue with that, but hear me out first. Even though science has come to an overwhelming consensus on climate change, the reality...

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