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  • A new organized anti karaoke - The Thrawgs
    By: Clint Tobiasson
    (SNN) - A group of highly organized individuals are menacing local karaoke shows. They are calling themselves "The Thrawgs"; which they say means nothing at all, but is making a huge impact with the karaoke crowds here in Edmonton. "These people all of a sudden show up and just ruin our karaoke routine," says Celeste, which is her karaoke name. "They come in and make noise and laugh and disrupt our performances as a karaoke star," a very...

  • Global News Team Abducted by Aliens
    By Clint Tobiasson
    (SNN) - It was just another normal daily telecast of the noon hour news. Shaye Ganam and Jennifer Crosby started their news stories like any other normal telecast until12:03, and they were just about to go to the weather forecast when they simply slowly faded out at their desks. Eyewitness say that they both started to go transparent. "All of a sudden, you just start to see through them," said online producer Emily Mircsh. "Shaye was just...

  • The NHL has announced it will merge with the IIHF for the 2014/15 season.
    By: Clint Tobiasson
    (SNN) - The NHL Owners Association has agreed to merge with the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) and take on all the IHL mandates for the next season. This will mean that the NHL Players Association will no longer be in charge of the league. The 2014/15 NHL hockey players will be governed under the IIHF Players Association collective agreement and the merger will terminate all NHL players contracts. No more 60 million dollar contracts...

  • The CFL expands into the Northwest Territories
    Eskimos considered as team name

    By: Clint Tobiasson
    (SNN) - The CFL has announced today that they have added another team to the roster. With the addition of the Ottawa Red Blacks to the CFL Mayor Mark Heyck of Yellowknife quickly jumped on the idea of developing another city for the CFL schedule. The proposal was put through counsel and had quick approval. Mayor Heyck quickly contacted CFL official Trevor Hardy who was very excited about adding another new team to the 2014 schedule. The...

  • Latest from the CFL: Edmonton Eskimos are Out
    The League replaces them with local high school team.

    By: Clint Tobiasson
    (SNN) - Big news from the CFL today. The Edmonton Eskimos have called it quits for the 2013 season. No one would take the blame for the horrible game on Saturday after loosing to the Toronto Argonauts. They were up by 21 points at the half and then just didn't come out of the locker room for the second half. General Manager Ed Hervey could not ridicule any one player and after a team meeting Sunday not one player would take the blame....

  • Ricky Ray Banned from the CFL
    Physical modifications considered - not kosher.

    By: Clint Tobiasson
    (SNN) - Ricky Ray, of the Toronto Argonauts, was fined today and then permanently released from the CFL. "He will never throw another football for any team in the CFL ever again," said the very upset CFL commissioner, Mark Cohon. Ricky Ray had no comment when reached today but his lawyer Andrew Luft is preparing a defence for the suspension and a $800,000 fine. The fine and release are from an investigation carried out by the CFL Doping...

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