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  • Facebook's Neato Special Attribute
    By: D. Scott Shultz
    Newsflash #1: The following article is Not Satire, Actually. Newsflash #2: I’m Not Saying Anything is wrong or even irrefutable, just that Noticeably Suspicious Activity is occurring concerning a certain American social media. Newsflash #3: Facebook is taking over the world! Don’t believe me? Try accessing your Spotify, Pinterest, Good Reads, Scrabble, etc, etc, etc account after deactivating your Facebook account. Doesn’t...

  • Number 28
    By: D. Scott Shultz
    (SNN) - There seems to be a misunderstanding in our society about what being brave, staying strong and having faith in God actually means. As an example, if my son was brutally beaten to death, I would indeed “be brave” – eventually – and attend the trial of the monster who did it. And I would certainly “stay strong” and stay my hand when the monster was led into the courtroom. And I would hold tight to...

  • Breaking Good
    By D. Scott Shultz
    (SNN) - It seems the hubbub surrounding the finale of the eye-opening AMC series “Breaking Bad” is finally dying down. It's interesting to note that, despite what you may have heard, not everyone is pleased with the lifestyle and morals, or lack thereof, portrayed in the award-winning series. Take for instance the twelve or twenty or six members, depending on whom you talk to, of the secretive faction known as Breakin’Good!...

  • Average Jo: Heather Gast
    by D. Scott Shultz, Average Jo: Heather Gast
    (SNN) - Heather Gast hated high school. She felt she didn’t fit in. Extracurricular activities included the marching band and the Environmental Club, but she preferred exploring the woods with her yellow Labrador, Misty and observing wildlife: a barred owl feeding its young, a fox dragging a rabbit back to its den. Her math skills were not what she hoped for, but she enjoyed her biology class. But something happened in biology class...

  • Five Reasons NOT to Lose Weight
    By D. Scott Shultz
    (SNN) - Being ninety pounds lighter (for over two years now), most days I love my new shape and slimmer clothes and powerful reserves of energy. But this journey has come at a cost. I have outlined below the top five reasons I have misgivings about this new lifestyle I am living. Now I don’t know if all “thin” people deal with these issues, but they are factors to consider before diving into a get healthy regimen. Number...

  • Bachmann Gets 'Stamp of Approval' from Klobuchar and Franken
    By D. Scott Shultz
    (SNN) - An unnamed source, who is not authorized to speak to the press, speaking on condition of anonymity, through an intermediary using a voice scrambler, revealed the true reason Michelle Bachmann is not seeking re-election to Minnesota’s House of Representatives nor making another run at the presidency. “Ms. Bachmann has grander plans, yes, even grander than the White House.” According to the source, Bachmann, known...

  • Blind, Stupid, Irresponsible Faith
    By D. Scott Shultz
    (SNN) - Brad Pitt is a moron and Angelina Jolie is an idiot. There, I said it. Some of you were thinking it. Before I am accused of being another chauvinist ass mourning the loss of a beautiful pair of breasts, let me explain. Mr. Pitt called his wife’s decision to have a prophylactic double mastectomy, “heroic”. Really? I call it cowardly, poor modeling behavior for her daughters (let’s not even talk about her female...

  • Average Joe: Scott Shultz
    By D. Scott Shultz
    (SNN) - There was a day in late 1979, when 18-year-old Scott Shultz wondered if he would live to see his 20th birthday. “I was doing crystal meth all night and flipping burgers by day to pay the bills and buy my stash.” Realizing that neither activity was getting him where he wanted to be, Scott asked his parents if he could come back home. (He had left home at 16 under less than cordial conditions.) Returning to his parents’...

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